Long Distance Poker Paddle

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Hosted by Wild Trails and Live Life Outside

If you love a fun challenge or need some good long distance paddle training, this event is for you!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 30th and join us on this epic 25-ish mile paddle from a small beach NE of Chattanooga - up the river and back again - collecting a token at each stop along the way, signifying a playing card in a luck-of-the-draw game of poker.

With three Dealer Stops about 6 miles apart, participants with collect up to seven tokens with one given at start and finish.  Use your best 5 cards to win the day with your killer hand of poker.  A water craft will be located at each Dealer Stop to provide cold water, your token and a drop bag (provided by you).  Feel free to include beverages, snacks, sunscreen, clothes, whatever you wish in your drop bag.  

Entry fees are FREE to members of the Wild Trails Organization.  Memberships don't cost much - plus you get cool stuff! 


Keep in mind -- this is an informal, unsupported event -- there will be no safety folk to follow or check up on you - you will literally be out there alone, perhaps closer to or farther from other opponents.  Please be prepared for anything to happen.  

Poker Paddle kicks off at 10am EST and has a 5pm cut off (3 miles per hour at the very least).  

Start/Finish : 35.1403, -85.1632

Dealer Stop 1&5 : 35.1625, -85.1127

Dealer Stop 2&4 : 35.1923, -85.1184

Dealer Stop 3 : 35.2359, -85.0768

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