Rentals POST Covid-19 Outbreak

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Hello, paddle friends.  We know you all have been waiting patiently for the world to return to somewhat-normal and the ability to get out and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.  We have taken many hours to envision a safe, feasible rental strategy for *365 Paddle Pass* holders and hourly renters alike.  At this moment, rental times have been scaled back significantly to allow for proper cleaning measures on our rental fleet after each use.


For the month of August, we are performing rentals daily during specific pockets of time to allow for disinfecting of equipment between uses.  Please be sure to book in advance.  With limited availability, we will book up quickly.  

All L2 Crew members will arrive one hour before the first rental time in 100% good health.  We will be scanning each employee with a no-touch forehead thermometer.  All gear will be clean from the previous day for the first rentals of the new day.  Used life vests will be properly cleaned and hung to dry, with clean, dry life-vests supplied to the next round of rentals.  Disinfected equipment (kayaks + SUP) will be provided to the following rental time period. The L2 Crew will then clean all equipment used during the evening rentals, washed thoroughly and left to dry overnight for use the following day during set scheduled/cleaned rental times.

80% alcohol hand sanitizer is available at our rental station under Market Street Bridge in Coolidge Park for personal use before and after your rental.

As for the shop, all commonly touched surfaces get a good wipe down every 2 hours.  There is 80% alcohol hand sanitizer available for use at each entrance.  Masks are preferred when shopping in-store.  No public use of our restroom or changing room for the time being.  Curb-side pick-up is still an option if you would like to call with your order, or order online via and stop by for a pick-up.

We would love to get you out on the water this season, so please feel free to book in advance for all rentals.  


** If I've rented with L2 in the past and signed a safety waiver for past seasons, do I have to sign a new safety waiver for 2020?  ---- YES.  PLEASE BE SURE TO FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE RENTAL INSTRUCTIONS IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE RENTAL SAFETY VIDEO  **AND** SIGN A NEW RENTAL SAFETY WAIVER FOR 2020.  One waiver will cover you for the entirety of rentals during the year 2020.

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