Bote Rackham
Bote Rackham

Bote Rackham

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The Rackham features a large flat deck and thick rails providing unmatched stability and capacity, especially for large paddlers. Our most feature-rich platform, the Rackham is perfect for those looking to take their fishing and expedition adventures to the next level.


  • Length: 12'

  • Width: 32"

  • Thickness: 7"

  • Avg. Weight: 48LBS

  • Max. Capacity: 350LBS

All BOTE paddleboards come with a matching paddle. 
If the paddle shown isn't available, you will receive an Axe Edge paddle instead.

SHIPPING: ALL HARD BOARD PURCHASES ARE PICK-UP ONLY.  Sadly, there have been too many instances of freight deliveries with severe damage for us to consider said option.  We are happy to set your board aside, marked SOLD, available for pick-up at your leisure - wether that be same-day or next month.