Bote 2020 Rackham

Bote 2020 Rackham

$0 Sales Tax (Except TN)
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The Rackham features a large flat deck and thick rails providing unmatched stability and capacity, especially for large paddlers. Our most feature-rich platform, the Rackham is perfect for those looking to take their fishing and expedition adventures to the next level.


  • Length: 12'

  • Width: 32"

  • Thickness: 7"

  • Avg. Weight: 48LBS

  • Max. Capacity: 350LBS

All BOTE paddleboards come with a matching paddle. 
If the paddle shown isn't available, you will receive an Axe Edge paddle instead.

SHIPPING: L2 Outside's staff personally deliver fiberglass/epoxy paddleboards to ensure no damage occurs during shipping.  When mulling over your purchase, be sure to think about delivery options.  L2 Outside delivers boards within a 300-mile radius of our shop in downtown Chattanooga, TN.  Boards to be delivered outside this radius may incur an additional delivery fee to cover travel+employee costs.  The option to meet our delivery team *half-way* for pick-up is a safe choice for those wishing to purchase outside of our 300-mile delivery radius.  An in-store pickup is always an option as well.  Sadly, there have been too many instances of freight deliveries with damage for us to consider said shipping option.