Paddling 101 Class | Stand Up Paddle or Kayak Lesson

Interested in paddle boarding or kayaking but not sure where to start? Try our introduction to SUP/Kayak class! Learn all of the basics and embark on your next water expedition with confidence. This class is designed for beginners with no experience.

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports of all time for good reason. It is a great exercise with a focus on core and lower back strengthening, the equipment needed is of lower cost and weight than any boat, it is the very best way to view both land and water-based wildlife, a wonderful social activity that is easy for any age to learn and will allow you to travel farther with less effort than any other human-powered watercraft. Do yourself a favor and learn the proper technique whether you are a beginner or want to learn long distance or racing tips.  Our in-house teacher and head rental manager, Jacob Timpa, is here to lead the way. To secure your spot RSVP ahead of time and arrive 15 minutes prior to each session.


One-on-One: $60/1HR

Small Group (2-3): $45 per/1HR

Large Group (4+): $35 per/1HR

  • Includes stand up paddle board or kayak rental
  • Includes PFD & paddle

PLEASE CALL TO BOOK.  423-531-7873


Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9AM*.

*The Tennessee River's current speed is slowest early in the day.  Being downstream from the Chickamauga Dam, we monitor the river speed very closely, and will not allow paddlers renting from L2 Outside to be on the water in conditions deemed above their skill level.  

Rentals can be set up on other days/times.  Please call the shop to discuss options.

What to expect:

On shore there will be an introduction to the basics of launching from a dock and from the shore or a boat ramp, including the basic body and paddle position. There will also be a quick intro and safety meeting before launching boards. Once on the water you will practice how to stand up - and a very helpful and often overlooked skill... how to fall in and how to get back on the board. Jacob and your group will then review and practice the basic forward paddle stroke, how to turn and how to stop quickly.

For those more advanced, Jacob can review and practice several techniques to make you track in a straight line, how to paddle faster and some tips on long distance paddling. To finish, the group will review and practice several methods to safely stop and dismount onto the shore and on a dock.

What to Bring

Clothing suitable for swimming and appropriate clothing for the air temprature. It is likely that you will get wet. We also recommend bringing sunscreen and a towel. Don't wear or bring valuables out on the water.


Right out on the river, 200 yards from our storefront at 131 River Street.  Parking in Coolidge Park, behind Sushi Nabe restaurant.  Your first stop will be by the shop at 8:30AM to 1) watch our safety video*, 2) sign a safety waiver*, and 3) receive an L2 Outside wristband.  Then you'll head down below Market Street Bridge in Coolidge Park, where Jacob and all equipment required will be waiting.

Meet your guide:

Jacob Timpa.