Bote 2018 Traveller Aerobote (inflatable)
Bote 2018 Traveller Aerobote (inflatable)
Bote 2018 Traveller Aerobote (inflatable)
Bote 2018 Traveller Aerobote (inflatable)


Bote 2018 Traveller Aerobote (inflatable)

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The Traveller is a paddler’s paddleboard, efficient yet smooth, stable yet agile, sexy yet tough. A great paddling board in open water, lakes and rivers with the ability to be loaded down with essential gear. 


  • Length: 12' 6''

  • Width: 30"

  • Thickness: 6"

  • Avg. Weight: 30LBS

  • Max. Capacity: 275LBS



BUNGEE STRAPS: Adjustable Bungee Straps provide quick and easy storage of extra gear and are available on all of our board models
PADDLE SHEATH™: Located in the bow of the board, the Paddle Sheath™ allows the paddler to insert the blade end of the paddle into the slot, freeing up the hands for other activities.
BVA DECK PAD: The BVA multi-textured deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provides plenty of cushion to reduce fatigue and anti-slip traction.
GRAB HANDLE: Redesigned to be the most comfortable Grab Handle found on any paddleboard. No more numb fingers or weak leverage while transporting your board.

COOLER TIE DOWNS: Tie down points on the deck of the board, perfect for lashing down a cooler (or other gear)
TRAVELINK™: Travelink™ SUP Carry System Compatible to transport your BOTE hands-free over long distances safely and ergonomically with ease.

RAC COMPATIBLE: Compatible with Tackle and Bucket Rac attachments which provide additional storage for gear and fishing rods.



The Traveller Aero comes inside its own waterproof travel bag and rolls up into a compact size so you can take with you anywhere.


The Traveller Aero was designed with a sleek and narrow shape for efficient paddling and speed.


Built for speed with a hefty capacity, the Traveller Aero is perfect for long distance paddling for fitness and adventure.

Comes with paddle sheath, bungee straps, BVA deck pad, grab handle, has cooler tie-down points, travelink compatible, and rac compatible.


Traveller Aero from BOTE on Vimeo.