Chattanooga Creek Clearing Success!

Posted by Kat Olinger on

Event Date: Saturday, August 18th, 9am-1pm

With help from several volunteers and local organizations we were able to clear Chattanooga Creek of 500 pounds of trash and dumped items. 


Chattanooga Creek is known for being heavily polluted with plastics, trash and dumped items such as tires, toilets, and other debris - making it one of the most waste-contaminated creeks around the city.


Almost twenty people showed up to Chattanooga Creek at 9am for one of our most successful creek cleanup events this year.  With the use of paddleboards, kayaks and canoes, all volunteers loaded up with a net skimmer, bucket and trash bags - spending the morning heavily cleaning 1-2 miles of the creek.  

Though we managed to retrieve over 500 pounds of litter from the creek, there is still much to be done for the remainder of the waterway.  That being said, there will definitely be more cleaning events in the future for Chattanooga Creek.  


We are incredibly grateful to all volunteers who donated their precious weekend time to help make a difference.  This project would be impossible without the amazing volunteers and special help from Wild Trails Organization, Chattanooga Paddleboards, and L2 Outside.  

Be on the lookout for more events centered around cleaning our local waterways.

Check out the cleanup feature on WRCB. 


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