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All renters must complete a rental safety waiver before joining us on the water for their first rental, each year.  If not completed online, one will need to be completed in store. Click the appropriate link below to fill out + submit your waiver online.  One waiver per adult.  Multiple youths with the same guardian may be added to a single youth waiver.

18+ Waiver

17- Waiver

All inexperienced paddlers are encouraged to watch our safety and instructional video before their first departure (8minutes 30seconds long).  

  • 0:00-0:55 Introduction + L2's Top 3 Rules
  • 0:56-4:13 Step-by-Step HOW TO SUP
  • 4:14-5:04 Step-by-Step HOW TO KAYAK
  • 5:05-8:30 Proper Equipment Care + IMPORTANT River Safety Information.  You will not be allowed to rent with L2 Outside without watching the IMPORTANT RIVER SAFETY INFORMATION segment of this video.

Watch our safety video + sign waivers at home and you can go straight to launch (under Market Street Bridge in Coolidge Park) 15-20 minutes before your reservation time.  No need to stop by the store unless you need a locker, SPF, drinks, etc.

If you do not sign safety waivers at home, please plan to arrive at our store (131 River St) 30 minutes before your reservation time to sign waivers, prepare for your rental and then walk down to be set up with equipment.

Begin by watching our rental safety instructional video below.  Afterwards, be sure to sign your safety waiver via the link included in your rental confirmation email after booking, or from the links provided above.  All minors with the same guardian/parent may be added to a single youth waiver.