Black November BŌTE Sales Event

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Once Halloween is ended and all the candy is eaten, BŌTE prepares you for the upcoming winter holidays with their best sales event of 2017.  The time for end of season board sales has come!  All of BŌTE's 2017 fiberglass boards are on giant discount and include a FREE carbon fiber Axe paddle with purchase.  Wether you're buying for yourself or a loved one, be prepared for joy and excitement all around. 

Let's talk about this free Axe paddle.  BŌTE's go-to paddle is the lightest, strongest and more affordable carbon fiber paddle on the market.  With a fixed height and their signature seafoam color, the Axe weighs just over 16oz with a convex blade length and width of 17.4" by 8.5".  Made from full 3K carbon fiber along with carbon fiber grip, they are typically priced at $244.99 - yours FREE with a fiberglass board purchase for the month of November.  Crazy, we know.

Now, lets get to the juicy stuff.  All of BŌTE's 2017 fiberglass boards are at giant discount.  Every.  Single.  Model.  

2017 BŌTE Flood :: The Flood is based on a traditional "Surf Style" hull design.  Extreme stability with all the latest innovations for carry and paddle, this platform is perfectly suited for almost anything you want to do.  Coming in Classic (signature woodgrain), Core (deck pad from tip to tail), and Native (groovy artwork and colors, shown above).  10'6" models are 25lbs, 12' models 30lbs.

Sale Pricing :: 10'6" $1,249 - NOW $1,099.99 ~~~~~ 12' $1,449 - NOW $1,299.99

2017 BŌTE HD :: The one board for everything.  Great for a day of fishing or hanging out with loved ones on the water.  Stability and speed with standard features makes the HD BŌTE's most versatile board.  This model comes in styles Classic, Core, Native, Bug Slinger (BŌTE & Bug Slinger joint artistry edition, shown above), Realtree (dark realistic camouflage with dark features), and Gatorshell (classic features with 6x stronger outer shell).  

The HD is the only 2017 model with Gatorshell style selection - coming with a protection coat 6x stronger than your average board - helping with any fallen trees, rocks or docks you may ding during good times on the water.  Even more fascinating is the Gatorshell in no way differs for pricing from regular HDs.  10'6" models are 32lbs (Gatorshell 35lbs), 12' are 38lbs (Gatorshell 45lbs).  

Sale Pricing :: 10'6" $1,449 - NOW $1,299.99 ~~~~~ 12' $1,749-$1,799 - NOW $1,499.99

2017 BŌTE Rackham :: The Rackham combines a racing style hull design for speed with a large flat deck and thick rails making for unmatched stability and capacity.  Ideal for fishing and expedition, this is BŌTE's most capable board.  Coming in styles Classic, Native, Bug Slinger, and Realtree (shown above).  This model comes ready to take on all of your fishing accessories - like the bucket rac, tackle rac, plus two BŌTE sand spears.  Two different lengths for this one, 12' (43lbs) and 14' (46lbs).  

Sale Pricing :: 12' $2,199-$2,249 - NOW $1,899.99 ~~~~~ 14' NOW $2,099

2017 BŌTE Traveller :: The sleek design of the Traveller makes for a unique combination of speed and capacity.  This board is perfect for your next race or long distance paddling with or without gear.  Available in two styles and sizes, Classic (shown above) and Native in 12'6" (34lbs) or 14' (42lbs).  

Sale Pricing :: 12'6" $1,799 - NOW $1,499.99 ~~~~~ 14' NOW $1,699.99

With this sales event you are saving anywhere from $150-$349 per board + receiving a FREE $245 carbon fiber paddle, making for total savings upwards of $395 per board!  Insanity.  Scoop this deal up before your favorite board is under someone else's tree!

Currently, in store, we have several models ready to go home with you in 10'6", 12' and 12'6" styles.  Orders taken for boards currently not in stock typically arrive within 3-5 business days.  Check out for our current stock, as well as slightly used demo boards from this season - another exceptional gift idea.

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SUP The State with Randy Whorton - 2017

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This year marked Randy's 4th annual SUP pilgrimage across our great state of Tennessee.  Beginning September 7th, the trip took him about 290 miles from just shy of the Kentucky border all the way to the skirts of the Alabama state border via local rivers and lakes.  His completion of this trip each year has heightened awareness for the potential of endurance stand up paddling, while testing his own SUP limitations, and has raised funds to improve paddling in the area.

Randy Whorton is well known for being the founder of Chattanooga's Wild Trails Organization, with a mission to encourage and promote a healthy and active lifestyle through trail running and other forms of outdoor recreation.  A Chattanoogan since 2005, with a love of the outdoors for nearly 30 years, Randy has a love for trail running, endurance SUPing, rock climbing, golf, slack-line, trampoline, along with an affiinity for juggling.  

Originally a test to push his personal limits, his expedition now presses limits as well as helps raise awareness for the sport of paddle boarding.  His trips in 2014-2016 took him an astounding 7 days to finish.


Randy's 2017 SUP THE STATE Journey

Day One: Randy hits the water about 8am, a mile or so from the Kentucky border.  During this beautiful day he paddles down to Powell River, setting up camp about 7pm.

Day Two: Randy leaves his sweet camping spot about 7am, making his way from Norris Dam to Oak Ridge, TN.

Day Three: He heads out, traveling from Clinch River to Kingston, TN - making a sweet shore camping spot about 8pm in downtown Kingston.

We hope to get some L2 crew involved in the 2018 SUP THE STATE.  Look out for future updates on this incredible excursion! 



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We’re Ending Summer With Our Biggest Sale Ever!! (Hurry! Offer Ends Friday At Midnight 10/13/17)

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Thank you all for your support last year! Due to you, we’ve been able to introduce thousands of new people to SUP and the beautiful waterways of Chattanooga, TN! The season is now slowing down, though, and we need to sell our 2017 fleet to make room for next year’s new rides.

L2 Board Sale / Clean Waterways Fundraiser

Normally priced at $949, we are selling our fleet boards for the low price of $450.

We’re adding a Make an Offer button to these boards because we want everyone to able to enjoy the water. Please be respectful with your offers and know that all proceeds over $400/board are being donated to the local non-profit Wild Trails to help clean and maintain our beautiful waterways. We strongly encourage you to offer above the sale price if you are feeling generous and would like to help out with the maintenance of our creeks and river. Click here to read more about the work Wild Trails is doing for Chattanooga. You can also check out our blog post about some of the maintenance that we’ve helped with this year.

This "Sell Off" is a first paid, first served sale. Whoever buys one first gets to take a look at the entire fleet and take home the board of their choosing. These boards have been paddled hard day in and day out, meaning that they all have cosmetic dings and scrapes but due to their double layer of military grade PVC these boards are ready for years more on the water. Some boards will look more used than others - but all are water safe and ready for new homes.  

Boards will include fin, carrying bag, patch kit and pump while supplies last. Paddle not included.

Last year our rental fleet sold out within 48 hours! Hurry while supplies last!

Fiberglass/Epoxy Boards

Looking for a hardboard? We still have a few fiberglass boards left from our demo day sale! Give us an offer on any of these boards, or grab them at their sale price.

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Chattajack 31 - 2017

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Held just three days before Halloween this year, the Chattajack Paddle Series takes racers 31 miles through the Tennessee River Gorge - truly a paddleboard/kayak race like no other.  

So far, there are 564 participants, with a helfy waiting list as well.  Paddlers with a passion are traveling from near and far to be a part of this auspicious event.  If you are in Chattanooga the day before the race, be sure to check out Ross's Landing, where everyone's water crafts are stored on our famous downtown steps for the night - quite a spectacle indeed!

Beginning in downtown Chattanooga about 8:30-9am on Saturday, the course takes participants down 31 miles of our gorgeous, winding river gorge, ending at Hales Bar Marina.  Paddlers have, at most, 8 hours and 30 minutes to complete the course - with aid stations offering water and Clif products at the 16 mile, 22 mile, and 27 mile points.  Though the race is sure to be a fun and rewarding experience, it requires the ultimate dedication and preperation.  

Chattajack's website is chock-full of great tips and tricks in preperation for those who decide to commit to it's endurance-needing length.  Their blog can help with strategies, strength training, and even how to deal with certain weather or current conditions.  

Paddle monster coach, Larry Cain, who finished 1st in the 14' SUP division for 2016, says the keys to completing the Chattajack is commitment and consistency.  We would have to agree, as he finished the race in just under 5 hours 15 minutes last year.  

Be sure to check out this amazing race this fall!  You're sure to feel the energy coming off all of these dedicated atheletes who wouldn't want to be anywhere else Saturday, October 28th.

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Long Distance Poker Paddle

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Hosted by Wild Trails and Live Life Outside

If you love a fun challenge or need some good long distance paddle training, this event is for you!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 30th and join us on this epic 25-ish mile paddle from a small beach NE of Chattanooga - up the river and back again - collecting a token at each stop along the way, signifying a playing card in a luck-of-the-draw game of poker.

With three Dealer Stops about 6 miles apart, participants with collect up to seven tokens with one given at start and finish.  Use your best 5 cards to win the day with your killer hand of poker.  A water craft will be located at each Dealer Stop to provide cold water, your token and a drop bag (provided by you).  Feel free to include beverages, snacks, sunscreen, clothes, whatever you wish in your drop bag.  

Entry fees are FREE to members of the Wild Trails Organization.  Memberships don't cost much - plus you get cool stuff!

Keep in mind -- this is an informal, unsupported event -- there will be no safety folk to follow or check up on you - you will literally be out there alone, perhaps closer to or farther from other opponents.  Please be prepared for anything to happen.  

Poker Paddle kicks off at 10am EST and has a 5pm cut off (3 miles per hour at the very least).  

Start/Finish : 35.1403, -85.1632

Dealer Stop 1&5 : 35.1625, -85.1127

Dealer Stop 2&4 : 35.1923, -85.1184

Dealer Stop 3 : 35.2359, -85.0768

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