Play Now, Pay Later

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Play now, Pay later.

We offer a flexible financing option for all SUP boards and larger purchases to get you on the water now! You can pick up a board (or any purchase over $100) today and have no payments and no interest if paid in full within 6 months.  That's right, 6 MONTHS SAME AS CASH.  This financing option is subject to credit approval through PayPal and only available for US citizens.

No Payments + No Interest when paid in full within 6 months


financing for sup boards


Financing Walk-Through

1) Add your items to your cart (1.1) via and go to check out (1.2).


2) After selecting "Check Out" you will be led to our Contact Information page.  Fill out the form with your shipping address (2.1) and be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter while you're at it!

Once completed, continue on to select a shipping method (2.2).

3) After selecting "Continue to Shipping Method" you will be led to our Shipping Method page.  There are standard shipping (3.1) costs based on the size/weight of your product - but with larger pricetag items, such as the Onewheel or inflatable paddle boards, we offer free shipping. 

Each item that qualifies for free shipping has a special discount code (3.2) included on their product page. 

If purchasing from within the state of Tennessee, taxes (3.3) will be added to your order.  

Continue to Payment Method (3.4) after selecting shipping method and applying eligible discount codes.

4) After selecting "Continue to Payment Method" you will be led to our Payment Method Page.  This is where you want to be sure you select PayPal as your form of payment (4.1).  


5) When continuing to the next page, you will be redirected to PayPal's website and asked to log-in.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you will want to create one - be sure to add a good Debit Card or Credit Card that you regularly make successful, on-time payments for. 

After successfully signing in to PayPal, you will be presented with a screen containing any credit/debit cards you have on PayPal, as well as a "PayPal Credit" option (5.1). 

Select "Apply Now" (5.2) within the PayPal Credit box.  This will lead you to a separate page where PayPal will be performing a credit check on you after you provide some personal information to verify your identity.

6) On this page, you will enter some personal information to verify your identity so that PayPal may perform a credit check (6.1).

Once filled out, select the "Agree and Review Terms" button (6.2).  You will then be directed to a page with terms describing the percentage rate your purchase will take on if not paid in full within six months - or - you will be turned down for PayPal credit due to a low credit score.  

7)  If your credit score is accepted by PayPal, you will be led to a page showing terms of your credit agreement with PayPal.  This percentage rate (7.1) will differ for all customers, completely based off of your credit score.  After six months, if your product is not completely paid off, the percentage shown (x) what you still owe, will be added to what you owe each month until fully paid off.  (The score shown is an example only).  

After reading over and agreeing to the credit terms presented by PayPal, select the "Agree and Apply" button (7.2).

8)  You will then be led to a Confirmation Page (8.1).  Select "Agree and Apply" (8.2). 

9) Success!  (9.1) You've been approved for PayPal Credit and have a new credit line of $XXXX.XX.  This number will be different for all customers, being based off of your credit score.  Continue to Checkout (9.2) in order to use your new credit towards your purchase!

10) You will be redirected back to check out via PayPal, where PayPal Credit (10.1) will now be in your "wallet" as an additional funding source.  It will now automatically be chosen as your form of payment for this purchase.  Select "Continue" (10.2) to go forward with the purchase.

11) Hooray! You did it!  You successfully navigated our 6-months-same-as-cash financing option.  You should see your order confirmation page with details on shipping and payment method.  We will be sure to have your order shipped out with speed.  Be sure to make regular payments, when you can, so as not to fall behind with our financing option.

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L2 Outside's Black November Sales Event

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Once Halloween is ended and all the candy is eaten, L2 Outside prepares you for the upcoming winter holidays with our best sales event of 2018.  The time for end of season board sales has come!  All of BŌTE's 2018 fiberglass, epoxy and aero boards are greatly discounted and include a FREE carbon fiber Axe paddle* with purchase.  Whether you're buying for yourself or a loved one, be prepared for excitement all around. 

Let's talk about the Axe paddle.  BŌTE's go-to paddle is the lightest, strongest and most affordable carbon fiber paddle on the market.  With a fixed height and different colors to best suit your board or mood, the Axe weighs just over 16oz with a convex blade length and width of 17.4" by 8.5".  Made from full 3K carbon fiber along with carbon fiber grip, they are typically priced at $244.99 - yours FREE with a fiberglass or gatorshell board purchase

The main differences between a typical fiberglass BŌTE board and a gatorshell board are weight and toughness.  Fiberglass is lighter, making it great for the paddler concerned about paddle time (lighter boards typically do go faster!), and also make it a breeze loading/unloading from your storage or vehicle.  Gatorshell boards have extra layers of epoxy around the entire board, giving it a layer of protection to withstand bumps on rock or docks, even help protect from those pesky hidden underwater tree limbs and such.  Gatorshell is especially great for those paddlers who may be loaning out the board to friends or for use by the entire family at the lake or beach house.  Each fiberglass or gatorshell board comes with a fixed height Axe paddle and removable fin.

BŌTE's Aero boards are all constructed from military grade PVC to take on any challenge you may have to paddle through.  With BVA deck pads, carry handle, bungee at front and rear, plus D-rings for all your attachments - Aero boards are stuper stable and come with all the accessories you need: adjustable paddle, fin, push pump, patch kit, and owners manual (+paddle sheath on all Bugslinger models +sand spear sheath on Rackham and Rover).   

Now, lets get to the juicy stuff.  All of BŌTE's 2018 fiberglass and aero boards are at a significant discount.  Every.  Single.  Model.  


2018 BŌTE Flood :: The Flood is based on a traditional "Surf Style" hull design.  Extreme stability with all the latest innovations for carry and paddle, this platform is perfectly suited for almost anything you want to do.  Available in Classic (signature woodgrain) and Core (deck pad from tip to tail).  10'6" Gatorshell models are 35lbs, 12' fiberglass models 32lbs, 12' Gatorshell models 38lbs, 11' Aero models 28lbs.

Sale Pricing :: 10'6" $1,099 - NOW $824.25 ~~~~~ 12' $1,299 - NOW $974.25 ~~~~~ 11' Aero $1,099 - NOW $824.25



2018 BŌTE HD :: The one board for everything.  Great for a day of fishing or hanging out with loved ones on the water.  Stability and speed with standard features makes the HD BŌTE's most versatile board.  This model is available in styles Core, Native, Bug Slinger (BŌTE & Bug Slinger joint artistry edition), and Classic Gatorshell (classic features with 6x stronger outer shell).  

Gatorshell style selection - coming with a protection coat 6x stronger than your average board - helping with any fallen trees, rocks or docks you may ding during good times on the water.  Even more fascinating is the Gatorshell in no way differs for pricing from regular HDs.  

10'6" models are 32lbs (Gatorshell 38lbs), 12' are 38lbs (Gatorshell 45lbs).  11'6" Aero is 30lbs.

Sale Pricing :: 10'6" $1,299 - NOW $974.25 ~~~~~ 12' $1499 - NOW $1,124.25 ~~~~~ 11'6" Aero $1,299 - NOW $974.25



2018 BŌTE Rackham :: The Rackham combines a racing style hull design for speed with a large flat deck and thick rails making for unmatched stability and capacity.  Ideal for fishing and expedition, this is BŌTE's most capable board.  Available in styles Classic, Native, Bug Slinger Ace, Bugslinger Cheif.  This model comes ready to take on all of your fishing accessories - like the bucket rac, tackle rac, plus two BŌTE sand spears.  12' models are 45lbs, 12'4 Aero models are 45lbs.

Sale Pricing :: 12' $1,899 - NOW $1,424.25 ~~~~~ 12'4" Aero $1,699 - NOW $1,274.25


2018 BŌTE Traveller :: The sleek design of the Traveller makes for a unique combination of speed and capacity.  This board is perfect for your next race or long distance paddling with or without gear.  Available in 12'6" (34lbs) or 12'6" Aero (30lbs).  

Sale Pricing :: 12'6" $1,499 - NOW $1,124.25 ~~~~~ 12'6" Aero $1,499 - NOW $1,124.25

2018 BŌTE Rover :: Rover evolved from the most innovative paddle boards on the planet, and was designed as a paddle board first. It’s channeled, Deep-V nose design quietly slices through the water and paddles efficiently through a variety of water conditions.  Available in 14' Classic (105lbs).

Sale Pricing :: 14' $3,499 - NOW $2,624.25

With this sales event you are saving anywhere from $274-$875 per board + receiving a FREE $245 carbon fiber paddle with all fiberglass or Gatorshell boards, making for total savings upwards of $519 per hard board!  Insanity.  Scoop this deal up before your favorite board is under someone else's tree!

Currently, in store, we have several models ready to go home with you in 10'6", 12', 12'4", 12'6" and 14' models.  Check out for our current stock, as well as slightly used demo boards from this season - another exceptional gift idea.

* All fiberglass/epoxy boards come with fixed height Axe paddle.  All aero boards come with adjustable paddle.

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Chattanooga Creek Clearing Success!

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With help from several volunteers and local organizations we were able to clear Chattanooga Creek of 500 pounds of trash and dumped items. 


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Post-Riverbend River Clean Up Sweep

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Many thanks to our Scenic City community!  L2 Outside's June 23rd cleanup event for the downtown river area conjured almost 40 volunteers and several small businesses.

Congregating at 6:30am to plan the day's cleanup, Randy Whorton with Wild Trails helped to assign all volunteers helpful roles and determine which river areas to sweep for different teams.  From 7-9am, several trash bins were filled and miscellaneous items unearthed along the riverbanks.  

During the clean-up, L2 Outside provided 20 paddle boards and ten kayaks for volunteer use, as well as chicken biscuits from Chick-Fil-A.  Generous donations from other businesses included early morning coffee/paddle-fuel from Mean Mug Coffeehouse, and river aids via Wild Trails, Chattanooga Cycleboats and Chattanooga Paddleboards.

Much gratitude for all those who assisted in this year's Post-Riverbend River Clean Up.  We deeply appreciate your time donated and hope to see you on the river again for 2019!     The L2 Crew
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Post-Riverbend River Clean Up

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Tennessee River SUP & Kayak River Clean Up

Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 6:30 AM - meeting at L2 Outside, 131 River Street

Hello River Friends-

Just like you, we love clean rivers. The weekend following Riverbend we are stoked to host a river clean up project.

On Saturday June 23rd we will need 25 or more key volunteers to assist in a 2 hour river clean up campaign. We will send teams out from public launch under Market Street Bridge to go upstream and downstream to sweep the shoreline and pick up any litter that is in the water. L2 Outside will be donating 25 stand up paddle boards and 10 kayaks to assist with this project.

Please RSVP via the event page, located here. This allows us to track an expected headcount and manage supplies. This is a great way to clean our local river, get some sun, burn some calories, and help conserve the best asset of the River City. All you need to do is RSVP and then show up.

P.S. We will have FREE Chic-Fil-A biscuits for all volunteers. Thanks for making a difference!

Saturday, June 23, 2018 from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM (EDT)
Public Launch under Market Street Bridge - River Street, Chattanooga, TN 37405

All those borrowing boards/kayaks from L2 Outside will want to arrive at our storefront about 6:30am for safety video watching and safety waiver signing.

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