Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a kayak or stand up paddle board?

Our SUP boards are $20 for 1 hour or $30 for 2 hours, our single kayaks are $30 for 1 hour or $40 for 2 hours, and each tandem kayak is $35 for 1 hour or $45 for 2 hours. We offer group discounts depending on size of party. Call or email us for custom rates for a b-day party and other events.

Where do we launch the boards?

Our launch point is currently at Coolidge Park underneath the Market Street bridge.

Do you offer any specials on your pricing?

As of right now we are conducting rentals strictly Friday through Sunday, with hopes to open rentals to weekdays in the near future.  When weekday rentals become available there will be special deal days such as Half Price Days and College Day.

When are you guys open?

Monday-Thursday 11AM-7PM
Friday 11AM-8PM
Saturday 10AM-8PM
Sunday 10AM-7PM

Does our rental include a tour guide?

For our typical rentals we give you instructions before you depart.  If you are a beginner we are happy to give you instructions on river safety and proper paddle technique.  If you want to have a guided tour or more instruction we would encourage you to sign up for our Sunset Tour or a SUP 101 class.  Write us on the contact form if you have additional questions.

What happens if my rental gets rained out?

Sometimes mother nature gets in the way of a good time.  In the event of severe weather we will first work with you to reschedule your trip.  If we cannot find a time that works for you then we will refund your trip.

Do I have to schedule a rental ahead of time?

We highly recommend that you make a reservation ahead of time.  This is the only way that we can guarantee you availability.  You are always welcome to do a walk-in, but we do not always have capacity to accommodate all walk-ins.

How do the month and season pass work?

If you're a local or going to be on the water more than once in a season our passes are a great option.  Our season passes are valid for either 30 or 365 days from the purchase date.  This pass always you to take the board out on Monday-Friday for up to 2 hours.  Due to availability, on the weekend, we can only accommodate 1 hour trips per day.

I have my own equipment, how do I access the river?

The city has made an amazing launch ramp in Renaissance park under the Market street bridge.  Simply park in the parking lot and drop your gear in the water whenever you like.

Do you sell your used boards at the end of the season?

We sell a large portion of our rental fleet at the end of the season.  Write hello@l2outside with the header "Add me to Used Board Sales."  If you're on this list you will be the first to receive an email with all our used inventory that is for sale.

I have never been on a stand up paddle board, is it hard?

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boarding is the fastest growing water sport because there is such a low barrier to entry.  Almost anyone can do it.  Our boards are 11 feet long and very stable.  Come on down and give it a shot.

Can my child stand up paddle board by his/herself?

We do not allow children under the age of 12 to man their own craft.  We recommend putting children under the age of 12 on a SUP with an adult or renting a tandem kayak or board zilla (5 person board).  Minors over the age of 12 must have parent consent, a signed waiver by the guardian, and parent supervision while on the water.

Can I stand up paddle board while pregnant?

Yes, it is definitely okay to paddleboard while pregnant.  The first thing to consider is - have you paddle boarded before?  If you have, then provided you have had no complications, there is no reason why you can't keep up your normal level of activity for as long as you feel able.
In fact, stand up paddling is an excellent choice of fitness for women who are expecting.  If you are just looking at coming out for a one-time experience, rest assured that stand up paddling is a low-impact sport.   If you do fall (as a low percentage of our paddlers sometimes do), you splash into water, so risk of injury is very slim.
Don’t push it too hard (whilst paddling). It’s likely that you will need to slow down as your pregnancy progresses. As a general rule you should be able to hold a conversation while paddling. If you cannot then you are probably going too hard.

What should I bring with me on my trip?

You may get wet so plan accordingly.  We sell dry bags for cellular devices and more at our storefront.  You're welcome to leave any valuables in your hotel, car, or behind the counter at our store.  We encourage renters to SUP bare foot and bring a towel.  Also, stay hydrated.  

How do I keep track of time while I am on the river?

Each renter is responsible to keep track of his or her time while on the river.  So bring a waterproof watch or buy a dry bag to put your cell phone in.

Have additional question?  Drop us a line in the form below.