How to Hold Your SUP Paddle

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One of the common issues we encounter during the course of working with a wide variety of visitors is improper paddle technique.  

At first glance is it intuitive to grab the paddle with the blade bent toward you and dig this end of the blade into the water.  We see paddlers constantly making this mistake. 

Improve Your Paddle Stroke Technique

While paddling on flat water you want to stand upright with the blade facing away from your body.  This will allow you to develop more speed, efficiency and control. When you're nearing the end of your stroke this paddle technique will not create as much resistance and allow you to generate more speed.  Check out the image below to review proper SUP technique.

For more tips and pointers on paddle surfing contact us to schedule a SUP 101 class with our rental manager and long-time surfer, Jacob Timpa.

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