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You may not be aware but there is a vast network of creeks and streams, covering hundreds of miles, surround Chattanooga, TN.  The natural scenery is absolutely breathtaking on most of these waterways but they’re often impossible to traverse due to the build up of fallen trees, erosion, and human contributed waste. In light of this L2 Outside and Wild Trails have teamed up to clear 77 miles of these local waterways starting with Lookout Creek.

Yesterday morning a small team embarked on the inaugural clearing for Lookout Creek. The clearing will allow stand up paddler boarders, kayakers, and other small water craft to easily navigate the waterway. We were optimistic about the day, and excited about our goal, despite the chilly weather and overcast sky.

The main objective for Lookout Creek is to be able to paddle from Trenton, GA to Downtown Chattanooga, without having to port, by summer of 2017. Filled with river otters, fish, turtles, and birds this is one of the most fun and scenic paddles in our beautiful region. For this initial outing we wanted to scout the waterway south of Reflection Riding, make a game plan, and then clear as many logjams as possible in the remaining daylight. It turned out to be a solid day and we cleared close to 4 miles of the creek. Check out the photos here, and sign up to receive updates as we make progress!

If you’re interested in being part of this initiative for cleaner waterways then leave your name and email address in the comment section below this blog (or sign up here).  We will reach out and shoot you additional details.
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  • I would love to help! Please let me know when you will be working and I will join you if my schedule permits. Thanks!

    Tim Tripp on
  • Zack-
    Nice to meet you and thanks for the offer! That is very generous of you. We ended right near your farm so that would be a really helpful location to start again. We will be in touch.

    Dirk Unkle on
  • Lookout creek runs through both my farm and my fathers in Wildwood ga I would love to help when you get to this section of the creek and would be willing to allow you access to the creek for launching and parking in this area during your cleanup (for cleanup crew only). I’m am located at 991 creek rd Wildwood ga where creek rd crosses lookout creek. Thank you so much for what your doing!!

    ZAck Vice on

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