Westside Discs Adder
Westside Discs Adder

Westside Discs Adder

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Westside Adder

  • SPEED13
  • GLIDE5
  • TURN0
  • FADE4

PDGA Approved Driver

Available weights 169 – 176g

Hot Stamp Picture Explained

Ilmarinen enters the halls of Pohjola and demands to see his betrothed, but Louhi demands several tasks be completed before he can marry her daughter. The first task is to plough a field of Adders. Ilmarinen is distressed and goes to the maiden who advises him on how to complete the task; he crafts a plough of gold and silver and greaves of iron and completes the task. Picture was drawn by Niklas Karbin Hedqvist year 2021. Check out the Kalevala in English language here. Adder in Finnish language is Kyy.

Manufacturer’s Official Product Description

The Adder is ready to bail disc golfers out of the windiest of conditions. With high speed and a pop top giving good glide, only the biggest arms will have a chance to make this disc turn over. For everyone else, it will be a very useable utility disc for when you need a distinct fade with speed through the flightpath.